Tuesday and thursday 19:30 - 21:00

Teachers: Jesper and Lars

Where: Silkeborgvej 41E, backyard 2. floor

Everybody can participate in the training. Its important for us to have fun and work together across skill levels as respect, for eachother and ourselves, is a core value. We ensure that every training makes everybody break a sweat and challenge ourselves in speed strength and skill.

What to wear: Loose clothes that allow movement and bare feet. Once you've decided to try graduating for yellow belt, you can buy a Dobok. A Dobok means "clothes for the way" and is black. The colour is a symbol for the winter earth ready for growth. The nine belt colours symbolises the change of seasons.



Wednesday 17.00 - 18.00

Teachers: Victor

Where: Hasle Skole, in the small gym

The kids classes is all about having fun with martial arts. The games and activities develop motor skills and memory. As the kids grow more and more able they learn about the responsibility they have towards eachother. This creates a great bond and community among the kids.